Bk Bee Sales Sheet v1.0

This Bee Sales Database program was designed and created by me, Brett, as a tool to help myself keep track of bee orders, expected income, and document sales in a way that is easily usable come tax time. Enter the BKBeeSalesSheet v1.0: with this tool you can easily add customers to Package, Nuc or Queen sales databases, keep track of totals and stay on top of order priority based on order date. When the order becomes a sale you can easily transfer that entry to a Sales Record database that will make the tax time math much easier. All of these databases can be exported to .txt files for printing or for creating contact lists. Remember, the database file that the program creates is external and can be backed up individually, eliminating the risk of data loss. To back up your database infomation, copy the beeSales.sqlite file and back up on a cloud account, usb storage device or external hard drive.

This is a beta test, and there are bound to be bugs. If you encounter any issues please send me a message: or a Facebook message and I will work to rectify the issue.

If you have requests for additional functionality, or for changes to the existing functionality, send me a message!

DOWNLOAD:BKBeesites Bee Sales Sheet v1.0