Web Development

Whether you are looking for a simple website for advertising, a Wordpress site for you to easily update and manage or a full fledged Ecommerce store, we at BK Bee Sites have a solution for you. All of our websites are mobile friendly and come with custom, original graphics that will help to brand your business in a professional and memorable way. If you are undecided on whether you need a website or not, remember, you don't pay a dime until the website is completed, so you risk nothing by starting the conversation and looking at mockups!

Advertising Website

Advertising websites come equipped with maps, contact forms, image gallerys and/or slideshows and custom graphics. This package's price depends on the amount of pages and the ease of communication between customer and designer. The longer the information lag, the more time eventually spent on the project, and therefore, the more costly the project becomes.

$200 - $500 (or so)

WordPress Website

Wordpress is a content management system that allows for easy updates and maintenance of the website after construction is completed. If you want hands on access to the content of your website after we are done with it, this is the package for you! Simple advertising Wordpress sites start at $100 and Ecommerce packages start at $500.

$100 - $800 (or so)

Ecommerce Website

This package is for the apiary that wants to take advantage of the online sales market but does not have the time to spend updating and maintaning their online store. This package is different from the Wordpress Ecommerce choice in that the website is fully custom, created from scratch rather than the Wordpress themes. The benefit to this package is that it comes with a discounted update agreement, where you are only an email away from having your website updated or changed, rather than having to do it yourself in the Wordpress Admin Management Console.

$500 - $1500 (or so)


If you don't need a website but need a logo, honey label, t-shirt design or flyer, this package is for you. For most logos the price stays between $100 and $200 but can be less or more depending on the time involved. If the project runs long or requires more effort, we try to stick to $20/hour. Click Here If you want to look through the $25 honey label templates.

$100 - $200 (or so)