About Us

My name is Brett Kozma, one half of B&K's Natural Bees. I have been keeping bees since 2011 and currently have around 20 hives. We live in West Michigan where for the last few years I ran a computer sales and repair business while doing web design on the side. After it became very clear that my life's greatest passion was honeybees and beekeeping, I decided to narrow my focus and came up with this! I make websites for beekeepers because I love honeybees and find nobody on earth to be better company than fellow beekeepers.

For most apiary owners, honey salespeople and beekeeping enthusiasts, they want to focus on the bees, not the marketing or website construction; that is where I come in. I offer solutions to those people that helps get their business branded and marketed on the internet with little to no effort for the business owner. My services include unlimited technical support, discounted and sometimes free updates and maintenance so the web side of your business is taken care of, freeing up all of your time to spend where you want to spend it, in your bee yard!